humidity to electricity
humidity to electricity

the “deep-tech” research on direct conversion of the adsorption energy of the atmospheric humidity into electrical energy to provide the foundations of the future technology

the original conversion devices far beyond the relevant current state of the art by development and optimization of a novel water adsorption design

the conversion efficiency of the system up to 47% via enhancement of charge carriers drain through the creation of an in-built electric field

the charge carrier’s generation by improvement of the converter adsorption capacity with the
addition of adsorption membrane and material modification

The second generation of the “humidity to electricity“ converter prototype, 10 times more efficient in terms of power output, scaled to 1 m2 × 3 mm single panel producing c. 15-20W/m2

the technological feasibility of the elaborated device during its working cycles

the sustainable environmental, social, and economic feasibility of the developed technology, its suitability for further transfer, and scaling up to innovations contributing to 2050 EU targets

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